• New adult NHS patient enquiries

    We can confirm we are currently inviting patients who have been on the waiting list prior to June 2023.


    To date, we have invited over 2000 patients to book in as a new NHS patient!


    If you wish to be added to our waiting list to be seen, please complete the form below.


    Please do not ring or email to check when you will be seen.


    We can not confirm where you are on our waiting list or when you will be offered an appointment due

    prioritising our current patients and based on our NHS capacity.


    You will receive an email when we reach you inviting you to book in online for a dental examination.


    Please be aware, since the introduction of the current dental contract in 2006, there is no such thing as NHS registration.


    Patients can register with a dental practice, but this does not guarantee the entitlement of NHS care,

    which is at the discretion of the dental practice.


    If you do not have a dentist and require urgent dental care, please ring

    Cheshire & Merseyside Dental Helpline on 0161 476 9651.


    Dental advice is also available by calling NHS 111.