• Direct access

    In 2013 the GDC removed its barrier to Direct Access for some

    dental care professionals in the best interest for patients.


    'Direct access’ means giving patients the option to see a dental care professional (DCP)

    without having to see a dentist first and without a prescription from a dentist.

    Dental hygienists and therapists

    Dental hygienists and dental therapists can carry out their full scope of practice (except tooth whitening)

    without needing a prescription from a dentist. 


    Our dental hygienist and therapists work along-side our dentists, providing joint-care for our patients.


    There are very rare circumstances when they cannot start treatment, and before they prepare to continue,

    they may require a dentist to assess you.


    This may relate to your medical history and general health or condition of your mouth which gives them concern.



    Our dental hygienist is Patricia Rimmer.


    Our dental therapist is James Kinsey.

    Clinical dental technician

    A Clinical dental technician can directly treat, create and fit a complete 

    set of dentures to patients who have experienced total tooth loss. 


    Any treatment provided for patients with teeth or implants is done on prescription from a dentist.


    Our clinical dental technician is Andrew Lindley.


    Consent is obtained from all patients undertaking treatment and for any referral to other members of the dental team.


    Hygienists and therapists practising under direct access are not expected to make a diagnosis beyond their scope of practice. 


    They should refer to a dentist (or other relevant healthcare practitioner) when they identify areas of concern or when treatment is required that is out of their scope of practice.

    Referral to a dentist

    In some cases, a patient may require a referral to a dentist.


    In all cases, the need for referral will be explained to the patient and their consent obtained.