• Current NHS patient policy

    Since the introduction of the current dental contract in 2006, there is no such thing are NHS registration.


    Patients can register with a dental practice, but this does not guarantee the entitlement of NHS care,

    which is at the discretion of the dental practice.


    We provide NHS dental care to patients who last attended for their routine dental exam in the last 2 years.


    This period allows us to follow NHS NICE guidance on recalls for a dental examination,

    which says that no more than 2 years should elapse between examination.

    We have always been, and remain, a practice committed to NHS dental care.


    We provide care under a contract with the NHS and we do not have any power to increase this contract (and therefore NHS capacity) ourselves.

    We may on occasion offer an emergency appointment on the NHS, for example a referral from the dental helpline, this does not constitute acceptance at our practice for regular and/or routine dental appointments on the NHS.

    We aim to send patients regular reminders for their dental examination and utilise emails to communicate with our patients, but we cannot guarantee that every patient will receive these reminders if their email address has not been provided or out of date.

    It is therefore the responsibility of each patient to ensure they attend regularly to maintain access to NHS Dental care.

    It is important to follow the rules of the practice to ensure you have continued access to NHS dental care.


    We do not charge patients for missed or short notice cancellations, however, if you miss, cancel on short notice, or arrive late for your appointment then we may decline future appointments as detailed in our Failed To Attend Policy.


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  • Understanding NHS dental treatment and charges

    For both adults and children, we provide dental care under the NHS.

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