• Enlighten tooth whitening Christmas offer

    Book before 15th December to save £100!

  • What do you need to know about this offer

    Enlighten treatment costs £550, offer price is £450 SAVING £100


    Offer is only available when you book online before 15th December 2023


    £225 deposit required upon booking


    The remaining balance of £225 is payable at your first appointment


    The payment required upon booking is refundable providing we have a minimum of 48 hours cancellation notice


    Offer available by booking online only by clicking the button below and selecting;


    PATIENT TYPE Existing patient

    INSURANCE Private

    REASON Tooth whitening CHRISTMAS OFFER


    Dates and times of appointment availability will appear

  • Enlighten information

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    Why choose Enlighten

    Enlighten is a 3-week treatment (for 95% of patients) and guarantees a B1 shade for 98% of cases. Patients are given a treatment kit to take home and use for 3 weeks. The first 2 weeks consist of constantly using the gel each night. Place the gel in the trays and then insert it into your mouth and go to sleep. Rinse them with cold water in the morning and place them somewhere dry, upside down so any excess water can escape. Once you have finished the two weeks of night treatment, move on to your final 3rd-week gel. The 6% gel is to be worn for 1 hour a day for seven days, once this week is complete, you have finished your Enlighten whitening journey.

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    How white will my teeth go

    98% of cases reach shade B1 and some even go beyond. This is regardless of your age, diet and current teeth shade. A lot of patients go beyond B1, but we can’t guarantee that.

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    Whitening your teeth

    Three teeth whitening syringes are labeled week-1, 10% Carbamide Peroxide; week-2, 16% Carbamide Peroxide; & week-3, 6% Hydrogen Peroxide.

    The Enlighten whitening gels have active ingredients that penetrate the dental enamel while you sleep to achieve long-lasting brightness with forever-lasting results.

    You start your whitening treatment with the 10% lower concentration to condition your teeth in the first week. Second week, you then move on to the 16% syringe which is a stronger concentration of whitening and then in your third week you blast your teeth with the 6% syringe for 1 hour per day for 7 days.

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    What do I do if I get sensitivity?

    There are a couple things you can try yourself at home; start by trying the desensitizing swabs provided in the kit.

    If that doesn’t alleviate the sensitivity much, then put a pea-sized amount of the Enlighten Serum in the trays (like you do with the gels) and wear them for about 30 mins at a different time to the whitening.

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    Enlighten toothpaste

    From 2 weeks before and during the treatment, the Enlighten Serum should be used every morning and every night to help with sensitivity instead of your regular toothpaste.

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    Enlighten is 100% cruelty-free and suitable for vegans.